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Gemma's Legacy
The #DoItForGem Campaign

The #doitforgem hashtag was originally created and shared on social media when our beautiful daughter Gemma @floatingflorista was in need of immunotherapy treatment that wasn’t available in the UK on the NHS for Cervical Cancer, Go Fund Me pages were set up by friends and work colleagues to help raise the funds needed for the ridiculously extortionate cost of the treatment to help save her life, Sadly the money wasn’t raised in time for her to have the treatment.

Gemma had been diagnosed with Cervical Cancer when her second routine Pap Smear Test in October 2019 at the age of 28 had came back abnormal so she had to be tested again, and again, and again, 3 months later then aged 29 we was told she had ‘early stages’ of Cervical Cancer…..just like that, out of the blue, No Symptoms, No Illness, No Nothing!

By June 2020 the cancer had escalated, spread through her lymph nodes and

developed into Stage 4 incurable ‘but treatable’ cancer.

Gem was a health & fitness fanatic, she had a physically demanding job which she was passionate about working on Superyachts as a Florist and Head of Department, she was a professionally trained dancer and had danced form the age of 3 years old, she had trained as a dance / fitness instructor and became a passionate ‘yogi’ around 10 years ago before making a career change and following her brother into the yachting industry, she continued to practice yoga every day (when she could) and would encourage her work colleagues to join her, she had started training to become a yoga instructor so that she could teach yoga to fellow crew members and guests onboard the yachts, she loved to walk everywhere (when she could) and went on regular hikes, she was always slim and healthy and not a child or adult that was always sick,

the comment I heard the most when she was diagnosed was ‘ but she is so fit and healthy’

cancer does not discriminate, it will get anyone regardless of

weight, health, fitness, race or gender! 

After a year of various surgeries and procedures including a hysterectomy and 6 months of aggressive chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Gemma’s treatment had finished on Christmas Eve in December 2020, a PET scan then revealed that there was NED (no evidence of disease) the cancer had ‘gone to sleep’ which was fantastic to hear, it didn’t mean she was cured as the cancer was incurable but it meant that aslong as it stayed ’sleeping’ and laying dormant she could get on and lead a relatively normal life, even going back to work when she felt well and strong enough to, as you can imagine we was all so happy and excited, Gemma was making plans to return to work and travelling again which she loved to do and she was absolutely glowing.

We was told that for the next 5 years she would have to have scans and blood tests every 3 months to check that it was still sleeping and along as it was she could get on with her life aslong as she was back in London every 3 months for her scan appointments. 

Three months later after the first 3 monthly routine scan along with blood tests to measure cancer markers legions were found on Gemma’s liver consistent to the cancer she had and her cancer markers were up again which meant it was awake again, within 4 weeks those legions doubled and the cancer appeared to be spreading aggressively, 

Gemma had more procedures this time on her liver, one of which put her into intensive care for 5 days due to complications where she was totally on her own again due to bloody covid!

This particular procedure was meant to be straight forward and only a 24hr stay in hospital, after recovering from this she began chemotherapy again but as the weeks went on we found out the cancer was spreading quicker than the chemotherapy was working, 

Within weeks it had spread to her back and by the beginning of October 2021

we were told it had spread to her brain, 

Gemma was deteriorating rapidly, she had given up the fight that she had been so focused on, she had been so positive, strong and determined to beat it for so long but it was eating her up aggressively and she couldn’t fight it anymore,

Gemma passed away peacefully while sleeping on Thursday 21st October 2021 age 30.



The #doitforgem hashtag is now being used for Gemma’s Legacy The Do It For Gem Campaign which was created and launched in September 2023 to help spread awareness about the importance of the HPV (human papillomavirus) jab which is administered to girls and boys in senior school around the age of 11/12 (and can be given up until the age of 45years)

The jab has proven affective in preventing certain strains of the virus which can cause Cervical Cancer,

Along with the importance of Pap Smear Tests, what they are and why and when we have them aswell as Cervical Cancer Awareness and that there isn’t always symptoms with this disease as in Gemma’s case!


Why Share #DoItForGem & Tag @floatingflorista @doitforgem On Social Media

Since launching the campaign I have been asking women to share on social media when they book or attend a Pap Smear Test to build up a community who are Doing It For Gem,

Join the community

Hashtag #doitforgem and tag me @floatingflorista



Pap Smear Tests

When was your last Pap smear? 

Are you up to date? 

Do you know when your next one is due? 

Are you due one now or overdue? 

Are you putting it off because your scared or embarrassed?

DONT…it could save your life!

Unfortunately in the UK we don’t start having tests until the age of 25, they are then repeated every 3 years until the age of 65 although in my opinion aswell as many others we believe testing should start at a much younger age (this is a whole other story!) and should have no end date, 

I have a friend who’s mother was diagnosed at the age of 70…..yes 70 years old,

she knew there was something wrong but had been fobbed off until eventually she was diagnosed and treated but eventually passed away.

Don’t fear the smear #doitforgem


Gyneas Around The World

This directory of recommended English speaking Gyneacologists has been put together by one of Gemma's best friends, ex Chief Stew and work colleague (another Gemma) @theyachtstew

Gemma & Gemma worked for many years on different Superyachts until eventually they got to work on the same yacht together which was when Gemma was diagnosed.

If you work in an industry such as Superyachts, Cruise Ships, Airlines or The Military where you are away from home for months at a time or you live in any of the countries listed then this directory will help if your Pap smear test is due.

Gyneas Around The World Directory

Please Note

I am not a medical professional, or do I claim to be a medical professional!

Everything I write and talk about I have learnt about throughout my life from my own experience and reading and researching,

My aim through the foundation and the campaign is to help educate women and men of all ages on the importance

of gynea health and spread awareness that sadly not everyone actually knows about!

If I can help even just a handful of women (and men who can then support their friends, partners, sisters or work colleagues) learn and understand more about

HPV, The Jab, Pap smear Tests, Cervical Cancer and that there isn't always symptoms,

or get over the fear or embarrassment of having a test and I am made aware of it by sharing #DoItForGem on social media to help grow our community that are Doing It For Gem then I know Gemma"s Legacy is working and it can maybe save your life!

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